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Maya Cosby


“My name is Katy Pearson (she/her), but I use NekMoff as my artist tag! I became a licensed manicurist September 2023, however have been actively researching and playing around with all things nails for years. I originally started my journey at Kendall College of Art and Design, but never found a major that stuck with me. My go-to art methods have always involved multiple mediums, therefore I never seemed to fit into any one major. I wanted to do it all! That’s where nails came in. While bartending the last 10 years, I always took pride in having bomb-ass nails while slinging drinks. They have always been a huge confidence booster as well as a built-in conversation starter (which is great for those of us who can be socially awkward) Anyways, 2020 happened, and BOOM I started doing my own nails and never wanted to stop. I found nails are the perfect tiny canvases that you can sculpt, paint, encrust with tiny gems, and cover with literally anything your heart desires. I love the endless creative possibilities! Other than playing around with nails, in my free time, I enjoy collecting insects, making art, gardening, gym life, watching movies and snuggling with my dog Ella!”

Laura's Art

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