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Summer Fisher


I'm Summer and I've been a licensed esthetician for 4 years now specializing in full-body waxing + sugaring. I take pride in offering a warm and welcoming environment along with offering an educational and a mostly painless service.  Inclusivity is the heart of my business and practice and charge the same price, regardless of anatomy! (The only price difference you will notice is between wax + sugar on some services.)

Aside from work, I'm an avid reader. I have a huge imagination so I love reading fantasy and anything that leaves you wondering. (I suggest Piranesi or The Starless Sea if this is also your vibe.) I'm also a huge gamer! I've got hundreds of hours in a variety of different games and genres. I collect things that make me feel nostalgic. Because of this, I have a decent collection of video game consoles including a super nintendo, game cube, and every playstation up until 5 and have started collecting dolls such as Bratz and Monster High. I also have 4 cats, a corgi puppy, two kiddos ages 8 + 11 who love to brag about their momma waxing butts (lol). And I’m fortunate enough to have a wonderfully supportive partner!

Laura's Art

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