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At Lilith's Lair each artist manages and schedules their appointments via their own social medias or online booking. We do not take walk ins. We do not take appointments over the salon's phone. 

Meet Loren Wicksall
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“Hello! My name is Loren, and I want to help you through the healing nature of massage

therapy! I am a medically trained licensed massage therapist who is always taking more

classes on specific needs and modalities to make sure I’m well rounded. I love incorporating heat into my massage sessions through the heated table as well as using hot stone therapy. I am definitely more of a therapeutic massage therapist, however, I also enjoy doing relaxation therapy as well! Any questions, always feel free to reach out! In my spare time I love traveling and doing a lot of outdoor activities in the nice months of the year. Hiking, camping, kayaking, and road trips are always top tier for me. In the winter cold months, I turn into a little bear and hibernate with my Nintendo switch and my partner and our three cats in fuzzy blankets with endless amounts of hot tea. I find the more and more I age the more I’m into the simple comforts of life. This body can’t mosh anymore but I do love going to shows. Have any good books recs? Send em’ my way!”

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