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Lexi Padron


“My name is Lexi and I have been a hairstylist since 2020. Before doing hair I was a med technician for elder care. The more I explored the world of hair the more passionate I became! I am a bubbly stylist but I also appreciate a silent appointment if that is your vibe. Mental Health and self-care are very important to me and the services I provide. I am here to listen or talk. I have been married to my partner for ten years. I am a dog Mom to Misaka, a 120 lb Great Dane. I have an eclectic taste for books, audiobooks, music, and podcasts. I am an avid crafter from crochet to embroidery I am willing to learn anything! I play DND on Wednesday nights and I enjoy table top games in general. My favorite shows are Chinese and Korean dramas like Korean Odyssey, Falling Into Your Smile, and Hotel Luna. I also dabble in anime and enjoy One Piece, The Magical Index, and The Magnus Bride.”

Laura's Art

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