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Laura Signore-Zeiders


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"My name is Laura Signore-Zeiders! I’ve been a stylist since 2021. I am married to my partner Cyris and we got married after being together for a decade. Cy and I live together with our 11 cats. I am highly passionate about animals and my cats are cared for like my children. I also volunteer at an animal shelter once a week. I am an aquarius sun with a cancer rising and an aquarius moon. If you wanna talk about the stars, lets go! Before doing hair, I was a manager inside a makeup store and before that I went to art school for 2 years before I dropped out. Music is also another big part of my life and I love to sing. I love going to concerts when I can manage to! I am a pansexual genderfluid goober. I go by all pronouns, pick which one you feel fits me best for the day. You can also refer to me as Zenith if you’d like. I am an agnostic and honestly religious talk mostly makes me uncomfortable. I have PTSD, OCD, and ADHD, and chronic pain/migraines. Normally I wouldn’t put that so bluntly on an about me page, but I think telling people this normalizes the fact that mental health is normal to talk about! My husband is also on the autism spectrum and I tend to vibe best with neurodivergent folks! I am normally found at my house petting my cats, reading manga, or watching anime. I love anime so much and if you bring it up I will talk your ear off about it. Same goes

for the Legend of Zelda series. My favorites are Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw man, Dandadan, or honestly any BL. “

Laura's Art

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