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Kell Wlodarczak


My name is Kell Wlodarczak (pronounced Vuh-DAH-check lol)! I'm a genderqueer goblin and I go by they/them pronouns. I'm also polyamorous and pansexual because decisions are hard. I'm married to my partner Connor and we live together with our teenie bean-dog, Pancake! If you're ever in my chair there's a good chance that she'll come up, because she's my child and I'm obsessed with her. They've both helped me through some pretty big life changes! Before doing hair, I was in the medical field. I excelled in academia (particularly math and science), but it didn't make me happy like cosmetology does. Because I was a tutor for so long, I still enjoy making sure my clients understand the steps I take while doing their hair or makeup! I'm a Scorpio sun, Cancer moon, and Cancer rising; I practice intuition-based paganism (aka that witchy sh*t). As a survivor of SA with PTSD and ADHD, I want to be a safe space for others. I've also got a whole host of autoimmune conditions for a bit more spice. I've been getting tattoos as I work to reclaim my body and I'm pretty well covered at this point! I am an open book and will talk about almost anything, but if you want to talk about lighter subjects, I love games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley! I'm also a huge Star Wars nerd and when I can focus, I enjoy manga and comics. I also do digital and traditional media illustration in my free time! Because I struggle to stay still, I like to hike (even in the rain) and I might run into some of y'all at the gym. Whenever you end up in my chair, I can't wait to hear what your favorite sticker is in my collection!”

Kell Wlodarczak

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