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Jaci Croel


“I have been a hair stylist since 2014 and a makeup artist since 2011. I specialize in reds, lived-in color (both blonding and bronding), curly cuts, and annoying the shit out of all of my clients. Lol. Not really. But I do absolutely love my relationship with everyone of my clients. My goal is to create the safest possible space for each individual in my chair and that starts with both of us being comfortable enough to be 100% authentically ourselves. I am so incredibly grateful for the trust and the opportunity to give you the hair of your dreams. In college, I was an art student with the intention of getting a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. Welp, I learned that college is not for me and that I thrive on intentional and safe human connections. I have been in Girl Scouts since I was five and have my lifetime membership. I grew up going to the rodeo, caving, backpacking, white water rafting, literally any and all things outdoors. Traveling is definitely what feeds my soul but nature is absolutely what keeps me centered and grounded. I am also a competitive pole dancer (been poling for nine yrs) and certified pole instructor (this is where my worlds of therapy, self exploration, art and grounding collide). I’ve been a dancer my whole life, so the transition into pole was super easy. Pole to me is not only permission for self exploration, acceptance, confidence and healing but also the allowance for me to be completely me. And that is how I teach pole: merging the worlds of movement therapy and pole.

I’m loud, obnoxious (in such a good way), obsessed with fashion, honest and always led

with love and integrity. I’m Jaci. And I’m so extremely honored and grateful to have you

in my chair. You’re safe here. “

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Laura's Art

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