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How do I book an appointment? Book through an artists online booking links! On our artist page, their online booking links are there next to their photo. Another way is to directly message the artist you would like to make an appointment with. If you are not tech savvy, please dm for help. 

Where are you located? 25 division ave s, suite 15, grand rapids mi, 49503. Our entrance is off weston street.
Who on your staff does wedding hair? Kell, Hannah, Kay, Syd

Who does wedding makeup? Laura, Kell

Who does hairstyling for special occasions (NOT weddings): Steph, Kell, Kay, Syd
Who does braiding for festivals/box braids? we currently have a braid specialist who guest spots inside our salon every once in a while.  The artists who can braid for special occasions are Kay & Kell. Kay can do box braids, corn rows, fish tail, dutch, design braids, viking style,  and micro braids.

Do we have anyone who does dreading?  Currently we do not. 

Do we have anyone who does shaved in designs? Kell & Steph. 

Who enjoys clipper cuts? Kell, Steph, Bailey, Kay, Hannah, Rylee,  

Who enjoys natural colored highlighting or balayage?: Jaci, Kell, Hannah, Rylee, Bailey, Syd, Steph, 

Who enjoys doing vivid color? Laura, Bailey, Taylor, Kell, Syd, Steph, Rylee, Hannah, Kay

Who does hair tinsel?  Laura, Bailey, Steph, Kell, Syd, 

Who does extensions? Laura, Kay, Bailey, Syd, Kell, Jaci 

Who does lash extensions? Syd

Who does hair feathers? Bailey

Who likes color corrections? ( Black to blonde/ fixing something wrong): Laura, Taylor, Jaci, Hannah, Rylee

Who is comfortable with curly hair? Jaci, Kay, Kell, Laura

Laura's Art

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