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At Lilith's Lair each artist manages and schedules their appointments via their own social medias or online booking. We do not take walk ins. We do not take appointments over the salon's phone. Each artist charges differently.  Click their photo to see a more in depth explanation of the artist. Their page also includes how to to book and their price menus. If you have any questions or unsure about who to choose, email us at
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Raven Carpenter -  Esthetician & Wax Artist



Raven is a full body waxing and skincare specialist that loves helping others feel and look their best! Waxing is definitely their favorite out of all of the services that they offer! They are a big advocate for being low maintenance, but still looking put together so waxing and skincare are the best of both worlds. They offer licensed, medical grade, skincare services and products that are extremely user friendly and informative, and can be benefited by everyone, no matter your previous experience with skincare. They have been an esthetician for over 4 years now and  believe they are truly lucky that they have found a career that they love so deeply.  


Hell Dawson - Esthetician & Sugaring Specialist


Helen has been an Esthetician since 2019 and has 3 years of experience. They believe everyone should have access to skin services, regardless of gender, size or ability. Helen's passion is helping people feel good in their skin and they love doing this through hair removal and facial treatments. When they're not in the treatment room they will most likely be found knitting some socks while snuggling with their dogs. And yes, they'll definitely show you dog pictures if you ask. Helen has an online booking site and encourages you to reach out through Instagram DM @hd.estie if you have any questions.

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