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Meet Kailey Jo!
Open Feb. 14th, 2024!

At Lilith's Lair each artist manages and schedules their appointments via their own social medias or online booking. We do not take walk ins. We do not take appointments over the salon's phone. 


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Our tattoo artist Kailey has 3 years of tattooing experience and creating her own compositions and designs to fit each client’s taste. Her usual tattooing style is creepy, colorful and KAWAII. She is heavily inspired by the art of anime such as Sailor Moon, and cartoons like Steven Universe. When Kailey is not tattooing she’s feeding and painting her neopets. Her color work consists of soft blends, and stark highlights. For those looking for a striking piece of art like a shiny sticker on their body- Kailey is your artist! Check out her work on Facebook, Instagram and her personal website linked above.

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